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Our Mission

Empowering Athletes Through Pickleball

We are an organization that’s all about empowering junior athletes to become their best selves, both on and off the court. Our mission is to promote the game of pickleball and to provide players with the resources and opportunities they need to excel. We strive to deliver the highest quality coaching and events in the country, helping our athletes reach their full potential and succeed at the highest level. At Elite Pickleball, we’re committed to creating a supportive community that inspires and motivates our players to grow as individuals and as athletes.

Who We Are

Elite Pickleball is a passionate and dedicated organization that’s all about promoting the game of pickleball and empowering young athletes to achieve their full potential. Here’s what we stand for:
Above all, Elite Pickleball is about uniting, challenging, and inspiring youth. We want to help our players grow, learn and develop both as athletes and as individuals. Come and be part of a community that’s passionate about pickleball and dedicated to helping you succeed!
Our Program

What We Provide


Top-quality coaching from experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about helping young players improve their game


We provide a supportive and inclusive community of young pickleball players and their families, offering a fun and engaging environment where players can connect with others who share their passion for the sport.


Resources and support are always available to assist young athletes with their success in the sport. We also host and attend a variety of tournaments to compete against other players and gain valuable experience